Wrong version, that one is very old, back then windows 10 did not exist yet.

The right place to download LMMS from is this one.


First uninstall LMMS then download the newer version and install that one. :)
I love some of the good old arcade classics. My favourite there is probably robotron. I still need to find a way, to connect two joy sticks to my pc. One is for moving, the other one is for shooting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9kXKzYorFo In general I Like fps , scif fi or horror related the mo...
LMMS can use allot of vst, but not all.
I don't think LMMS can do that. There is no midi file player in LMMS. You can however import midi files, and then use a soundfont. Did you know that midi files will sound different, depending on your hardware? More about this in this vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV4p3nDtRmw He talks as far a...
MP4 is not an music ( sound) codec. It's a video codec.

I have made a video in Blender for my music track, in blender I can choose mp4 for the video format.

( and import my wave file from LMMS )


I hope this clears thing up.
There are allot of issues with the packages build by the package builders, from about every distro around. That why there is now an appimage file for Linux. https://lmms.io/download#linux Download it, set rights so its becomes executable. Then start lmms by double clicking that file. Another option ...
Nice track and it is house.
If you want us to be able to see that vid, you need t upload it to a site, were we can watch it.
Are you on windows, or Linux ?
Youre on a mac, I am not sure vst work on mac, can you install wine on mac?