Hello everybody, I want to thank all those who use, or have used, any of the themes made by me. Your time dedicated to getting to know my work is already a recognition of my contribution to the LMMS user community. I believe I'm the one who posted the most topics on the platform. There were nine the...
Indeed, the bass is more powerful than in other DAWs. I've also been hit in the ear a few times with LMMS, but I was using the program when editing. For me it's a good feature because I post music to friends via WhatsApp which compresses the tracks too much and with the strong sound of the LMMS, the...
How to install a theme in LMMS Download the chosen theme to your computer. Unzip it as follows: Right-click on the *.gz file (ex: default.gz), look for the "unzip to *.tar" option and click it. The system will create a folder with the file name. Open the folder and unzip the *.tar file in ...
Hello everybody,

I present to you Titanium, a dark theme with colorful details and a beautiful and pleasant appearance.
Try it.
I believe you will like it.


thanks for commenting. I was wondering if I could post pictures.
Good recommendation. I will post my screenshots of the theme.
Hi, do you accept me trying to solve one of these problems. I think I can help you keep the track lit. As for the timeline marker, I also wanted it to be synchronized, but that seems to be a problem with the Qt platform that LMMS uses. It's not that simple to solve. PS: I may be slow to respond. It ...
I am happy to inform you that I have uploaded a light theme on the sharing platform. who hasn't seen it yet. go to https://lmms.io/lsp/?action=show&file=21037 to check it out. Thanks, Preview: https://i.imgur.com/BDByioOm.png https://i.imgur.com/u8mdj6om.png https://i.imgur.com/G5b6XMWm.png htt...
Ok, @musikbear and @Monospace,

I'll to carefully read the rules links that have been passed to me. Thank you for the information and attention
. I will make a new account and I will keep trying.

When I can post my theme, try it out. Hope you like it.