Brandy, what's wrong with Audacity being sold? I understand people are worried, but MuseGroup collects only country (does that clarify as personal data?), and ever since MuseGroup redesigned Blender's interface its popularity has spiked. The primary reason big name game companies are investing in Bl...
Sì, l'esportazione MIDI è scarsa. Per l'esportazione MIDI di idee, visita questo link: Oppure scarica LMMS 1.3 alpha. Nota: anche il tentativo di importare MIDI può fallire nella tua versione di LMMS. Scusa per la cattiva traduzione, sto u...
Not possible yet. It has been suggested on the github as an enhancement, but unlikely to be acted upon soon.
Not use data. Only demographic data. The privacy policy itself says that no personal data is stored, sold, or shared. The only data going to audacity will be crash reports, and the other "networking capability" is an update checker.
Gps, it can be turned off in settings. Also, there doesn't seem to be telemetry.,the%20report%20data. musikbear, the privacy policy states that Audacity does not collect personal information. It doesn't seem like you "have" to allow the new owner to "sell" your data...
Same issue. Cannot tag ANY .ogg file, forget LMMS outputs. Even Audacity outputs cannot be tagged.
In other words, this seems to be an EasyTag issue.
(Still doesn't explain why OP could tag them a few months ago. oh well.)
A lot of DAWs use decimal BPMs. I've come across songs with decimal BPMs before.
I will try at my end. Noteworthy that OP actually could tag fine a few months ago.
Same issue, piano roll keyboard is invisible.