Ok, I got it!

Sorry, but I didn't understand what you were trying to say. So, it means that we cannot create an Appimage from the master? I just tried to do that and it failed.

It would be nice to have the 1.3 alpha appimage updated more often, so we could keep testing it thoroughly.
Ok, I read the docs. So, if Automation is a more versatile and user-controlled option like you said, why do I need controller rack?
Hi, I'm completely new to music production, so there are a lot of concepts that I'm still learning via LMMS. One thing that I cannot get my head around is the Controller Rack. Is CR the same as Automation? If someone could give me some practical example of how/where to use CR it would be great. Chee...
Ok. Thank you!
I'm trying without success. Sorry, but I'm totally new to LMMS and music production.
IMHO the ability to record in LMMS is NOT crucial. As many pointed out previously, LMMS is not intended to be an audio editor. But a music maker. No serious music producer will work with a record directly from his daw. He will use a proper sound editor to do all the cleanup, normalization and tweak ...

Could someone help me recreate the drum pattern of Sadness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F9DxYhqmKw?

Do you have any tip to achieve that? How would you do it?

Hei, I'm completly new to LMMS, so sorry if this is a dummy question. Different from others DAWs where I can drag and drop /import a WAV file directly to the Editor (Ardour), I cannot do that on LMMS. It seems that I always need an instrument for that. In this case, the Audio File Processor. Is that...