Interesting! Is there a name for music produced from only 3OSC instruments?
I'll try asking it in a different way. Why is Triple Oscillator the first thing on the song editor when you open LMMS?
Let's say I wanted to make a chiptune that sounds like it was made on a amd64 architecture desktop computer made this year, what synthesizer would I use?
Trivially you can count the oscillators, turn a switch and listen to the sounds with the keyboard. Why would you use Triple Oscillator instead of Organic when Organic has more oscillators?

OpulenZ is an emulation of the Yamaha YM3812, a.k.a OPL2, FM synth chip. What does it mean to emulate a chip?
Since everyone uses audacity for this, maybe a call audacity button would make sense. There would be a lot less code to maintain.
Did you know that midi files will sound different, depending on your hardware?
It is not currently true because everything uses software wavetable synthesis. If I can extract the wavetable from BBLACK.exe and map it to General Midi, LMMS would play the same audio.
Let me describe the specific case I am working on which has more constraints. I am trying to carbon copy Bible Black OST 14 audio output. The game itself at run time synthesizes the audio from the midi in its file system. Can LMMS preform same synthesis as the Bible Black executable?
If you had the right soundfont, and the right midi, would the audio output from the synthesized music played by LMMS be equivalent to the wav file also played by LMMS as a sample track?