Brokenpoolhall wrote:
Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:44 am
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if lmms could be used on a tablet?
Have you found the answer yet?
Such a nice poem, I can feel the meaning of every metaphor here, after I'd suffered from depression, poems like it make me think and understand some things about it. I had depression at the time when the pandemic was in the middle of it. Having no work, now friends to talk to in real life, being af...
Now very popular BigBlueButton and because of this I wonder how problematic it is.
Hey. Look, I'm not a musician and I can't give you any professional advice to get you a million plays, but I have a few thoughts on that. Firstly, before the release of a track, it is very important to do its PR. You must do your best to make the snippet sound from every phone. Secondly, you must la...