1st part of a trilogy! 100% lmms, 100% electro! 1 sound of each E.P will be clipper! Thank you all for your support;)
Who am i? Yes, i'm a bigfoot! :') interprete Adamms ( ) Sound: LeXa ok, this is the last sound of the project I present (it's my preference)! I leave you the f...
Extract from the "XA" project. lead singer: D'Layna ( ) Product on LMMS Link of XA: https://mu...
hi! new songs, extract from the "XA" project. Lockdown lead singer: Cole the VII ( ) Prod by LeXadu5.9 Link of XA:
hi! new songs, rap and rock style. First extract from the "XA" project. Side chick: lead singer: FilmaSloth ( ) Product on LMMS, Mastered by Bandlab. Link...
Its introduction to my audio-visual project "Song of horror" Atmosfear link: audio link to the full project: visual link of the full project:
last clip of the project.
Electro style, produced on LMMS!
video clip about Satanism and antichrist!

Full project link: ... sm2ykIReak
we're a good half of the project! why am I censoring myself? YOUTUBE obliges me! in any case I hope you like the project ;)

link to the project: ... sm2ykIReak
Second part of the project "B.O horror film".

Style of music: industrial metal.

Clip: mix between cinematic, gameplay and film excerpt.