I guess I will just begin this thread for myself and post any goa / psytrance song here that inspires me. :D

Lets begin with Sol - Static Movement
Hey, I am automating the time of the arpeggio but it seems that it skips notes when the time decreases. At fast speeds it completely skips the C5 in the arpeggio. Here the project file with only the arpeggio and the automation. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19a9BeJAueQKcQtpdXIu5gppaTl5ldxQj/view?u...
Nevermind I found the answer myself.

In the first project the cut-off frequency is controlled by the song-global automation. In the second project it is a LFO controller.
Both can be found by right-clicking controls.
Hello, I am new to producing and stumbled on one of the sample projects in LMMS titled Root84-TrancyLoop.mmpz. It can be found under "My Projects > shorties". I noticed that the cut-off frequency in the synth track named "Lead" is gradually getting lower when the song is played a...
Sounded really amazing. I really like the sound of it, may I ask what VSTs u used?
It reminded me of the dinosaurs tv series intro.
Maybe it helps. Under linux there is a problem loading VSTs when XEmbed is selected for the plugin embedding. Maybe it is the same for windows. Change the option for the plugin embedding, if possible.
Hey there, I noticed that the website (& forum) does not automatically redirect users to the HTTPS version. Implementing or enabling an automatic redirect from HTTP to HTTPS is rather easy, only takes like half an hour and would significantly improve the security and privacy of the forum and the...
Love your theme. Finally using LMMS does not make me feel like I am in 2005 anymore. :lol:
Also the vibrant colors induce me to be creative. The default theme in its monotone grayscale/black&white theme is very dull.

Thanks a lot!