sound made in LMMS
graphics in blender

all freeware !

Blender for graphics
LMMS for music

A nice pair, eh?
Why do all news channels sound like this sort of thing?
I dunno.

But its an interesting topic.
and here is the next installment of this concept:

LMMS has to be the most enjoyable app I have ever used,
after 40 years of actually writing my own little apps too...


2143 AD

music from the lustre of LMMS,
graphics from blazing blender

inspiration from the unseen future
LMMS themes are amazingly versatile.
(Graphics in Blender)
Theme music in LMMS,
Graphics in Blender.
music is the mighty LMMS
graphics in the brilliant Blender
poetry from realms beyond Midguarde

A piano duet, utilizing many of the epic subtle effects in LMMS.
Graphics mostly from blender.