Very atmospheric and emotive, what did you use for the Vocals? I tell you what screwed with my head though, the various screen grabs you used from youtube with the progress bar showing where each video was at, i couldn't work out what the F was happening for a minute, video was jumping all over the ...
Working with LMMS surely.
I will experiment with a few options and report back monday.
I searched for answers about using Mono for the kick in lmms, The answers i found appear to tell me there is no Mono function in lmms, is that correct? If you could give me your opinion on this i would appreciate it, This is posted over on Github as a work around to achieve Mono in lmms via plugin, ...
will give it a try, thanks.
Hello all, I have a very irritating problem, first though (But i dont think this is will assist in resolution of the problem) Windows 8 pro 4GB Ram Core i5-3317U 1.7ghz 64 bit Microsoft Surface The problem, On one song only that i am working on, there is a pulsating sound in the background of the so...

I swim, Surf, Climb, Cut grass, Saw wood, Walk dogs, Make music, Play video games, Cook food and then the day Job.
Hit songs can be manufactured by using age old tactics, see this thread i started here about the KLF, More to the point, a manual they wrote lays out how they created their hits tracks,
Here’s an old Irish one for you,

“May you be in heaven a half an hour before the devil knows your dead”
Like it a lot.

from 04:30 on i really like the way the bassline takes a hold of the track, it really packs a punch.

If i was going to offer anything up to be changed, i would have that bassline more present earlier in the track.

Excellent track.