This is one of the few tracks that we have had on repeat since it's been submitted to us. We teased you with w remakes from Firewhole, now you get to see what they can really do. and what better way to do it than this?! watch here: Follow Firewhole: - Soun...
Vertabia providing the goods in the form of 'No Days After Tomorrow', a unique synthwave track watch here: Follow Vertabia Youtube: Souncloud: Bandcamp: https://vertab...
Bengal comes back for round 2 with a heater... make sure to follow them as they have improved alot since they submitted this :) watch here: Follow Bengal: ✅Official Website: ✅Facebook: ht...
One day we opened up our submission box and there was 32 new submissions. 30 of which were from nuffix, so you'd better get used to the name. Proud to have such a talented LMMS User join us :) watch here: Follow nuffix Bandcamp:
There's alot going on, i think its a little bit to busy. if you got rid of that high pitched synth especially in the 'drop' it would be alot better. other than that. good work
We have no clue what the lyrics are but we know that its quality. So here it is, Dennyboi 'Ya No Estas'

watch here:

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Well this song miraculously lines up with halloween, shame its not titled 'Beetlejuice'... So excited to have a run of Bangers from Kysertron in the upcomng volumes! watch here: Follow Kysertron: - Newgrounds: - Bandc...
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Another stunning remake from Firewhole! Their next upload is easily one of our favourites on LMMS Opus and it's an original!

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Channel regular NaG adds their touch to volume 9 with this beautiful progresive house tune!

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