Another song for the "would love to hear a remaster in a few years list"

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We've missed the hardstyle boss, but they're back with our longest song yet clocking in at 10 minutes and 30 seconds... This one is L A R G E, show your love for Outermind's Fairytale Fortress! Watch here: Submit your song here!
We're ecstatic to have Adventuner back on the channel with the HUGE toms and soul piercing synths of synthwave... watch here: #lmms #lmmssong #opensource #synthwave Submit your song here! Follow Adventuner: Youtube: http...
Quickly becoming the #1 LMMS bigroom producer....

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Youtube: ... TaUc4UH2Eg
Beautiful work from a channel favourite <3

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Hey, i run the LMMS Opus youtube channel and have passed this message onto our discord. i'll let you know if anyone has anything to say :)
We are halfway through the remixes of the ep as Eli Ash comes in hot with their bass house remix! watch here: Follow Eli Ash: Youtube: Subm...