It's refreshing to revisit my earliest roots and explore them to the fullest now that I at least have somewhat of an idea on what the hell I'm doing haha.

Welcome to the World is a song near and dear to my heart. Clear back in 2019, I found out I was going to be a dad, and I was so overwhelmed with so many emotions. This song is more or less a story without words to me. https://soundc...
Switched computers and decided it's about time I release several demos that have been sitting stagnant on my hard drive for the last several years. Starting off with a two-song EP release, feel free to listen. It's out tomorrow, but I don't feel like staying up till midnight to post the link for Sou...
I'm happy to announce that The Best of LMMS Vol. 8 is officially open and accepting entries! The judges this year include Woods Alive, Hotel Zero, Jousboxx, Blageez, Noeroti, and JVSTDARE. Please note that submissions will take some time to update on the public submission list Check out the rules an...
Stakeout Punch wrote:
Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:14 pm
An omen of things to come? Or things to be?

Nonetheless, great work on your VIP! Finally, I can release the VIP Edit I've been working on for my Best of LMMS Vol. 7 collaboration with Stakeout Punch. The VIP revisits improv. sessions which occurred long before Punch and I ever started communicating about collaborating. Hope y'al...

if you know, you know.

Friday 02/12.
Stakeout Punch wrote:
Mon Dec 14, 2020 5:48 am
Glad to see you posting something. When's the next collab?
After we finish our BoL7 VIPs haha
Beautiful track,. I have a question tho. Did you use any samples for the dubstep sounds, or did you created those sounds with LMMS? I feel they were done with LMMS, but this is absolutely magic. :D I've also not been in a mood to release tracks lately. But I've been enjoying my regular sessions of ... Decided to finally release this. This is probably the most personal song I’ve written in some time, but I’m so happy to release it. Don’t worry, I’m not done with music—just read the description and it’ll all make sense. Hopefully. If not, go find my Twitter.