MAC features are limited in general. We cant support VST on MAC, but you could be able to find more LADSPA effects online, and those ought to be useable, also on MAC. Unfortunately i cant aid you in MAC specifics. I do not own a MAC. Thanks for the help. But how do I add more LADSPA effects to LMMS...
For info, I am on wine 6.17 .(openSUSE tumbleweed) Do you use the appimage file from the download page of LMMS? If not, that's the first thing to try. Download it, set rights to executable, and double click the file to start LMMS. You then have two options to start LMMS, the one from your repositori...
NIce mix :)
Maybe the linux musicians forum can help you.
There are people there, who are using debian based distro's.

I know nothing about apt, which is what debian uses.
My Linux distro has zypper for stuff like this.
There is no 64 bit raspberry pi os ?

As musicbear said, there is no newer 32 bit Linux version.

So you need to have a 64 bit os, or stick with LMMS 1.1.3, which does support 32 bit.
I am on openSUSE, which has YAST, there its as simple as changing the repositories. Or go to the program in yast, and click a different version. Opensuse is not debian based, so some command are different on opensuse, there is no apt get , there is zypper someting Official LMMS does not support rasb...
Or this one, the vocals are not really dominant the groove is though. :) Solitaire - I´m Thinking Of You (Extended Club Mix) I actually spent over 15 minutes , trying to find this topic and this song, that you posted on page 3 of this topic, where we had ...
Its definitely close to disco.
I love the calf plugins, but its very frustrating there are no manuals. :(

Wonder if we should try to talk to calf ? But I doubt they are willing to help with the older prugins.
Maybe we can find some info here:

These docs are about the newer version of the plugins though, and have a gui.
But don't differ much as far as I understand things.