Have you tried saving it under a different name ?

The only thing I can think of.
Born out of frustration, of the many people doing it wrong. The piano keys are not played all together, but in succession. An arpeggio. Still have work to do on the drums, but here is still Dre in LMMS. Edit: improved version https://soundcloud.com/user586365033/still-dre Its delay we need more then...
You don't have to redownload the appimage file. Just open your package manager and search for wine. After you installed wine, start LMMS again, and now vst should work. After installing wine, you should also see, when starting LMMS, some wine configuration being done. Just wait until its finished. I...
Free software as Richard Stallman sees it, has nothing to do with it having to be free as in price. He wants however everybody to be able to see the source code, and more important, be free to modify it. The Linux license is like this, BUT although your allowed to do what ever with the code, you sho...
Maybe this forum can help you.

There is a more knowledge of Linux and Carla there:
Most there don't use LMMS though, but some do.


I am however not sure, if what your trying to do is tested with LMMS and Carla.

Maybe we need Falk Tx to read this forum ? :)
I think its very good, but think there is to much side chaining at 1m41.
It's my biggest issue with Soundcloud.

Them processing my track.

Why do I not at least have the option to do it myself?
They could tell us what the file size limit is, and let us worry about how we achieve this.

In the case of Link, nearest neighbor, clearly is the winner. :P
I never compared plugins, but have noticed mp3 to sound different on Windows verses Linux. (same hardware) (openSUSE vs win 10 and win 7)

Nothing some EQ can't solve though.
As a Linux nerd I like to point out that what ever you choose, pulse, sdl, alsa or pipewire, you still will be using ALSA.

This does not mean that switching from one layer to another layer on top of ALSA, can't solve issues, but you will be using ALSA anyway.
If I recall right, he once told us he is using midi files in LMMS. :)