The console produces sound via an audio processing unit (APU) integrated into the processor.[95] It supports a total of five sound channels: two pulse wave channels, one triangle wave channel, one white noise channel, and one DPCM channel f...
Here is that fruity loops vid. I always watch people with other daw then LMMS and learn a lot from it This vid however is more interesting to us then most, because he shows how do swing with a plugin but also how to do it manual. The manual way we can do in LMMS too.
I have seen a vid on you tube, it was albeton or fruity loops.

The swing plugin they used did exactly what Musikbear does manual in his vid. :)
I just tried this in LMMS, and it works like a charm.

I also messed with the velocity of the notes (like musicbear thought us) , very! interesting.

From a dead computer beat to a more life like beat. 8-)
Seen it in other DAW, they have a dail in a plugin to do swing. It messes with the timing of some of the notes.

Looking forward to musicbears vid.

Its not that easy but it can be done in LMMS.
I still need to learn and understand it much better my self before I can help others. :)
Thank you, I will definitely use that. :) Then probably also need to understand swing patterns. It will be interesting at least. I was quite shocked Glenn Miller in the mood seems to fall in the jazz category. I did not see that coming. I even learned from my mother some dutch words to sing along wi...
Some already sound jazzy, good job I think.

3/4 :P
Are yo using the right note in the audio file processor ?

A4 ?
Right now can't even get the rhythm right, but I did triplets once in LMMS, so there is hope. One of my biggest frustrations for some time now. Ask me to tap along and I can do it. Ask me how to do this in LMMS, or any other daw) and I draw a blank. Dave Brubeck - Take Five (I did find a midi of thi...
It had to happen one day. :P

I am gonna attempt to do Jazz.

Found a vid that might help me. Might use my midi keyboard to get that counting right. One anda two anda